Sarah McLeod Is Planning Something A Bit Different for the Melbourne Guitar Show -
Sarah McLeod, The Superjesus, Mary Boukouvalas, Photo

Sarah McLeod, The Superjesus playing the Espy 2013. Photo By Mary Boukouvalas

Sarah McLeod Is Planning Something A Bit Different for the Melbourne Guitar Show

by Paul Cashmere on July 18, 2019

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Superjesus’ singer Sarah McLeod is working on something unique and unusual for the 2019 Melbourne Guitar Show.

“I am going to put together a highlights package of Superjesus songs and songs from my solo set,” Sarah tells “I also have some interesting songs like old Gospel songs mixed in. I do them in a dirty and heavier way. I’ve got a few songs like a trilogy that moves between Gospel into Blues into a bit of Jazz in one song. Because they are all in the same key and all have the same feel it brings it up, then down then jazzy. It is kind of weird but I love it”.

Sarah says she has her own conventional way of preparing her setup. “I’ve always used basic Gibson SGs. I have always rewired all of my guitars to but a single coil on the front,” she says. “Every guitar I have has pick-ups that aren’t standard with the guitar. I always put single coil at the front and then I put the humbucker case over it. Then you don’t know that it’s a single coil underneath. Then the back in the humbucker position of all my guitars I put Gibson classic humbuckers. They are all exactly the same. When I go live and change guitars for different tunings, the sound doesn’t change. I just change guitars. The only problem is in the studio they all sound exactly the same. I have a particular sound and I stick with it”.

Considering Sarah has had decades of experience clocked up behind a guitar she has another different idea on the way. “I’ve been putting all of my energies into learning the piano because I’ve decided the next thing I want to be is a piano player. I’ve bought a baby grand and I’m writing songs on a piano now. It is my new passion,” she says.

The piano is taking her songwriting in a new direction. “I find I write different kinds of songs,” she says. “They are much more vulnerable and emotive. I’ve never written like that before. My songs are usually brazen and gutsy but the songs I am writing now are gentle, heart of your sleeve. I’m experimenting different tones in my voice and different subtleties. I am loving it”.

Sarah McLeod will appear on the Whammy Stage at the Melbourne Guitar Show at 12:45pm on Saturday 3 August 2019.

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