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Wes Carr Here Comes The Sun

Wes Carr Here Comes The Sun

Wes Carr To Cover George Harrison In Here Comes The Sun

by Paul Cashmere on April 30, 2015

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Wes Carr will sing the songs of George Harrison in his new show ‘Here Comes The Sun’.

In a statement Wes explains, “This show is very unique as I take memoirs from George Harrison himself in his accent, (some people have told me I’m channeling the great man) and I weave these memoirs through his magical songs. It’s been an incredible experience getting inside these songs and bringing them to life again. I’ve learnt so much about not only George as a man, but about the world at large. George wasn’t just a Beatle, he was more than that, and I celebrate his views and outlook on life, (which align so much with my outlook on life) with this show. It’s a message that needs to be told more and more these days. We need to come together more as a people!”.

‘Here Comes The Sun’ features Wes retelling tales and anecdotes from Harrison, the man known as ‘the quiet Beatle”.

George Harrison was the lead guitarist in The Beatles and wrote one of their most potent songs ‘Something’ which he once told me in an interview is actually about Ray Charles, not who many thought, his ex-wife Patti.

“ Through his music he questioned life and challenged modern day thought,” Wes said. “As The Beatles were falling apart and breaking up, George was finding himself through his many personal voyages around the world, mainly to India. I believe he became a vessel to expose the world to ancient traditions, spiritual practices and musical sensibilities that Westerners may not have come across otherwise. The times certainly were ‘a changing’ and George was at the forefront of a global shift that today still rings true for so many. I believe George’s music has more relevance now than it ever did – for all of these reasons, I knew I had to pay tribute to the life and work of George Harrison through a live show”.

Wes Carr will star in ‘Here Comes The Sun’ from May 8 in Melbourne and tour the show nationally until August.


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