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Asia's John Wetton

Asia’s John Wetton Undergoes Major Surgery For Cancer

by Roger Wink, VVN Music on May 27, 2015

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Asia vocalist and bass player John Wetton has undergone major cancer surgery.

The news was posted on his website on Monday (May 25) saying:

JOHN WETTON STATEMENT – On May 16, John underwent surgery for the successful removal of a 1 kilo [2.2lb] malignant mass. John wishes to extend his thanks to Mr Chan and his team. John is also beyond grateful for the wonderful wishes and prayers received. John is recuperating. Messages can be sent via the management office to [email protected]

There was an indication that something was happening back on May 13 when Wetton revealed on his Twitter that he was doing something that would be putting him “out of action” for some days.

The next day, he revealed that he had a biopsy and was scheduled for “major” surgery three days later.

There have been no details of the location of the tumor other than Wetton saying earlier today that the 2.2 pound mass was in his abdomen.

Wetton played in a number of bands around the Bournemouth, U.K. area before joining King Crimson in 1972. After the group broke up in 1974, he worked with a number of bands before forming U.K. with fellow Crimson member Bill Bruford.

In 1981, Wetton, Steve Howe, Carl Palmer and Geoffrey Downes formed Asia, recording 3-1/2 albums with the group before departing to pursue a solo career in 1990. Asia reformed in 2006 and remain active today with Wetton, Downes, Palmer and Sam Coulson, who replaced Howe in 2013.

Asia will release the video Asia XXX: Live San Francisco on June 23. They currently have no live dates scheduled.


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Asia's John Wetton, music news,
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