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Garbage Truck Stops Soundwave Performance

by Paul Cashmere on February 25, 2013

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Garbage did not play the Soundwave Festival in Sydney yesterday because the truck carrying their equipment did not arrive from Brisbane on time.



The band took to Twitter to advise fans, “Our gear has failed to make it for the show tonight at Soundwave in Sydney. Our truck got held up by a flood. So sad we can’t play”.

However, the band is concerned that alternate arrangements were not made by promoter AJ Maddah so that they could have played for the fans.

“Tomorrow the REAL facts will emerge. Love to all who came to see us at Soundwave. No one more bummed out about how this went down than us,” they later posted.

However Maddah says he tried to rearrange the times. “We offered. They refused,” he tweeted.

Garbage will perform their own show in Sydney this evening.

Soundwave will head to Melbourne this Friday (March 1).

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