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Korean Pop Icon Rain Faces Military Questioning

by Paul Cashmere on January 3, 2013

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South Korean pop star Rain is to face military questioning over his relationship with Japanese actress Kim Tae-Hee.



Rain (real name Jeong Ji-Hoon), is South Korea’s biggest pop star but is currently doing his compulsory military service.

The pop idol has been photographed with the actress while in his uniform, which according to military guidelines in South Korea is punishable.

Under South Korean law all able-bodied men must serve two years in the military. Gangnam Style star Psy has already completed his time in the military.

Rain is considered “an entertainment soldier”. His job is to appear in advertisements for the military on radio and TV to boost morale.

Rain is one of the countries biggest international stars. He is a household name across most of Asia and has toured the USA.

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