Lack Of Manners Are A Turn Off For Katherine Jenkins -

Katherine Jenkins

Lack Of Manners Are A Turn Off For Katherine Jenkins

by on December 17, 2012

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Katherine Jenkins would never date a man with bad manners.

Katherine Jenkins

The currently single Welsh opera singer has discussed what she looks for in a potential suitor. Katherine is always impressed when a guy shows he is polite and respectful to women.

‘A lack of manners,’ she replied to Marie Claire when asked what annoys her. ‘I like old-fashioned chivalry. For me, if I was on a date and he didn’t hold the door open I would notice.’

Katherine hasn’t had a serious relationship since she split from her fiancé, Welsh TV presenter Gethin Jones, in December last year, after being together for four years and getting engaged in early 2011.

The 32-year-old beauty was romantically linked to Dancing with the Stars professional Derek Hough, and in August, Katherine vehemently denied she was having an affair with soccer star David Beckham.

The singer has explained why she felt it was necessary to speak out about the speculation.

‘That I had an affair with David Beckham,’ she told the publication when asked what was the most ridiculous rumours she has heard about herself. ‘I would never do that to another woman. People don’t know the extent of the story ‘ I was abused on Twitter for months before speaking out. I had to stand up for myself.’

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