Little River Band First 10 Albums Finally Remastered and Expanded -
Beeb Birtles, Glenn Shorrock and Graeham Goble aka BSG

Beeb Birtles, Glenn Shorrock and Graeham Goble aka BSG photo by Ros O'Gorman

Little River Band First 10 Albums Finally Remastered and Expanded

by Paul Cashmere on September 10, 2022

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The Little River Band’s classic catalogue is final set for expansion and reissues and two new compilations will also be released.

‘Ultimate Hits’ is the greatest hits and ‘Masterpieces’ the deeper album cuts. Both albums source the Little River Band catalogue from the debut in 1975 through to 1986’s ‘No Reins’. The compilations fall short of the final two Little River Band albums ‘Monsoon’ and ‘Get Lucky’ before Steve Housden’s bullshit band took over the name.

Graeme Goble has revealed:


On October 14th, 2022, after 5 years of planning, Universal Music will release Little River Band ULTIMATE HITS and Little River Band MASTERPIECES on CD, vinyl, and digital.

In addition, the first 10 studio albums have been remastered (with previously unreleased bonus tracks) and will be available digitally on October 14th, 2022 and expected to be released on CD in 2023.

The companion volume MASTERPIECES presents many of the songs which were band and fan favourites, but were not released as singles.

The music for the promotion trailers was composed and arranged by Nathan Goble, mixed by Joshua Goble , mastered by Ross Cockle (LRB’s first recording engineer). The visuals were put together by graphic designer Andrew Barry.

Such a major project required many dedicated people to bring it to fruition. Thank you to Victor Marshall, Elliott Marshall, Ern Rose, Michael Costa, Tami Dickinson, Rich Dudas, Aaron Haywood, and the Little River Band alumni for their invaluable contribution.

The new CD and vinyl releases include a newly written Little River Band biography and over 70 restored photos.

The ’Ultimate Hits’ tracklisting is:

1. It’s A Long Way There (8:39)
2. Curiosity (Killed The Cat) (3:40)
3. I’ll Always Call Your Name (4:48)
4. Emma (3:29)
5. Everyday Of My Life (3:52)
6. Help Is On Its Way (4:09)
7. Witchery (2:54)
8. Home On Monday (3:57)
9. Happy Anniversary (4:08)
10. Shut Down, Turn Off (3:54)
11. Reminiscing (4:16)
12. Lady (4:58)
13. Lonesome Loser (4:00)
14. Cool Change (5:15)
15. It’s Not A Wonder (3:58)
16. I’m Coming Home (3:45)
17. The Night Owls (5:20)
18. Take It Easy On Me (3:47)
19. Man On Your Mind (4:18)
20. Down On The Border (2:59)
21. The Other Guy (2:49)
22. We Two (4:32)
23. You’re Driving Me Out Of My Mind (5:15)
24. Playing To Win (3:01)
25. Forever Blue (5:09)

The ‘Masterpieces’ tracklisting is:

1. My Lady And Me (5:16)
2. Days On The Road (5:23)
3. Broke Again (3:28)
4. Seine City (3:47)
5. Another Runway (6:32)
6. Raelene, Raelene (4:32)
7. Fall From Paradise (5:06)
8. Light Of Day (8:04)
9. By My Side (4:28)
10. Hard Life (Prelude) (2:46)
11. Hard Life (4:50)
12. Middle Man (4:29)
13. Mistress Of Mine (5:16)
14. Just Say That You Love Me (4:02)
15. Don’t Let The Needle Win (3:39)
16. Mr. Socialite (5:26)
17. Sleepless Nights (5:17)
18. Easy Money (4:01)
19. I Know It (3:22)
20. Love Letters (3:08)
21. Blind Eyes (5:02)
22. No Reins On Me (4:41)
23. How Many Nights? (4:38)
24. When The War Is Over (5:13)
25. Face In The Crowd (4:48)
26. Full Circle (1:58)

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