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M.I.A. Reveals Details Of Her Fourth Album

by Andrew Tijs on August 8, 2012

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Electro agitator M.I.A. tweets to fans about her fourth album, a doco, an autobiography and an art exhibit.



Billboard has collected a bunch of tweets from a Q&A with the ‘Bad Girls’ singer which revealed details on her next album, as well as some other interesting projects.

She wrote that her fourth album is still “still in the making” and “could be 5 [songs] it could be 15 depends on what sounds good in my bros CAR.” She has previously tweeted a picture of what looks like a tracklist, featuring eleven tracks. It didn’t have ‘Bad Girls’ on it, but she has since said the album will feature the hit.

She also said that there would be no collaborations, and producers that “don’t act like fame whore colonizer” which Billboard and we presume is a dig at Diplo, with whom she had a falling out after working with for some time.

The new album will apparently come out in December and be accompanied – at some point – by an autobiographical book, a documentary, and an art exhibit.

Check out the new tune she posted a couple of months back ‘Come Walk With Me’, as well as ‘Bad Girls’, below.

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