Psy And MC Hammer Duet Closes The AMAs -
MC Hammer Psy

MC Hammer Psy

Psy And MC Hammer Duet Closes The AMAs

by on November 21, 2012

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Psy decided to collaborate with MC Hammer at the American Music Awards (AMAs) because he wanted to do ‘something huge, very massive’.

MC Hammer Psy

MC Hammer Psy

The South Korean singer has sent the world into a spin with his catchy dance anthem Gangnam Style, which boasts a funky dance too. Psy was pumped to be invited to close the iconic music show in Los Angeles on Sunday evening and decided he needed to do something extra special to show his appreciation.

Part way through his rendition of the track, Psy shouted out ‘Hammer Time’, prompting the rapper to come on stage and launch into a mash-up of Gangnam Style and his track Too Legit to Quit.
‘What I thought was, I’ve got to do more than Gangnam Style, so I thought about it. Something special, something huge, very massive,’ Psy explained to Access Hollywood.
‘I just got the word, MC Hammer, aww yeah.’
Hammer didn’t think twice about teaming up with the pop newcomer. He is in awe of how successful Psy’s track has been all over the world and believes the singer deserves a lot of praise.
‘He’s got the world dancing again. He’s got the world on fire. I love what he’s doing and I was a huge fan of his work. It’s unbelievable the level that he has the world dancing. It’s only happened like four times,’ Hammer said. ‘James Brown, Michael Jackson, Hammer time and Psy. Other people may have a record, but they don’t have a dance.’
The two stars cemented their friendship after their performance by attending an after-party together. They went to a bash held by Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun, who signed Psy to his label.
According to New York Post, the pair gave another rendition of the galloping Gangnam Style dance at the gathering, which descended into a dance off at around 2.30am. One eager party-goer was so determined to show off her moves she didn’t pay full attention to where she was dancing and ended up falling over.
Also in attendance were Usher, Justin, Ludacris, Carly Rae Jepsen and Jamie Foxx.

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