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Watch Vince Gill Take On Westboro Baptist Church

by Roger Wink, VVN Music on September 14, 2013

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Vince Gill has taken the hate-mongering Westboro Baptist Church head on in a confrontation before his gig in Kansas during the week.

Westboro Baptist Church were picketing Gill because of his second marriage.

One of Vince Gill’s best performances has been released to the public and it doesn’t have anything to do with music.

Protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church picketed outside the Kauffman Center of the Performing Arts in Kansas City, MO where Gill was playing a concert. Prior to going on, Gill went outside to see the group and, when asked why he was there, he replied “I just came to see what hate looks like.”

The church’s issue with Gill had to do with his marriage to singer Amy Grant. Both Gill and Grant divorced their first spouses before getting married in 2000.

Gill slings a number of gems at the group in the short confrontation, documented here:

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