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Robin Campbell of UB40

by on May 17, 2024

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UB40’s 21st album ‘UB45’ has some familiar tunes. The title is a nod to the 45 years since the band’s first gig at The Hare & Hounds Pub in Kings Heath, Birmingham for a friend’s birthday on 9 February 1979.

The first single ‘Food for Thought/King’ was released a year later on 1 February, 1980 and the first album ‘Signing Off’ was released 29 August, 1980.

For ‘UB45’, UB40 have gone right back to those first two songs and re-recorded them, along some of the big hits like ‘Red Red Wine’, ‘Cherry Oh Baby’ and ‘Kingston Town’.

Track Listing:

1. Home
2. Food For Thought
3. King
4. Champion
5. Tyler
6. Trouble
7. Red Red Wine
8. Fool Me Once
9. Cherry Oh Baby
10. Say Nothing
11. Sing Our Own Song
12. Gimme Some Kinda Sign
13. Kingston Town
14. Hope She’ll Be Happier

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