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Another Music Festival drug overdose, this time at FOMO

by Paul Cashmere on January 14, 2019

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A 19-year old girl has died after overdosing on MDMA taken at the FOMO music festival in Sydney.

Alexandra Ross-King was partying with friends at the festival when she fell ill from the pills and was taken to the medical tent. Around 6pm she was taken to hospital but could not be revived.

Ross-King is the fifth drug-related death from this current Festival season that started in September.

Her death puts more pressure on State governments to start mandatory pill-testing at festivals. Both the NSW and Victorian governments are looking into pill testing but the consideration has to be for the ongoing effect of allowing illegal pills to come into festivals without being confiscated.

While pills may be tested as genuine, once inside there is no guarantee as to how many the ticket buyer will take or take into consideration the effect of the drug when mixed with alcohol.

36 people were arrested at FOMO in Sydney this past weekend. Already families are starting to blame the government, as is the case with the Ross-King family, and not their own children who died from self-inflicted behaviour.

What governments do need to do is eliminate the legal loop-holes where the courts go easy on drug-dealers. Just last week a NSW court sentenced drug dealer Tina Than to just 80 hours community service after being caught with 394 ecstasy pills at the Knockout Games of Destiny Festival in Sydney. She was at the event with the clear intent of selling the drugs for a cash benefit, yet was given a slap on the wrist from the legal system.

19-year old Callum Brosnan died at the Festival after a drug overdose. He isn’t coming back after 80 hours after being given a death sentence from drugs.

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