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Busby Marou The Great Divide

Busby Marou’s Tom Busby Now Has More Albums Than Kids

by Paul Cashmere on September 18, 2019

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As Busby Marou prepare for the release of their fourth album ‘The Great Divide’ it has not gone unnoticed to Tom Busby that he now has one more album than he has children.

“Juggling them has been the problem. I basically have seven babies,” Tom Busby tells Noise11.com. “Having young kids and being on the road a lot, and then coming off the road with an unusual sleep pattern, you are basically a night owl when you are on the road, then you come home and you can’t keep your eyes open past 8 o’clock at night and then you have to get up at 5 or 6 in the morning. That’s been the juggle. We are young and we can do it”.

As ‘The Great Divide’ is the fourth Busby Marou album Tom reflected on how it fits with other fourth albums, Midnight Oil’s ’10 to 1’, Cold Chisel’s ‘Circus Animals’, Led Zeppelin IV, Black Sabbath Volume 4, ‘Beatles for Sale’, ‘Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ and U2’s ‘The Unforgettable Fire’. “It probably won’t sell as many as them but I totally get it,” Tom says. “Its like a grown-ups album in way. It was for all of those bands. That’s what ‘The Great Divide’ is for us. It was written about all those things we’ve learned along the way like heartbreak and falling in love for the first time, small observation stuff. As each albums grows, so do we with age. In life-lessons we have probably experienced every emotion there is as a human being can feel. As family men, as travelers, we have met people from all walks of life. We’ve seen all different cultures and learn about everything. We know about the struggles of life. We know the good times, the bad times. We’ve handled the ups and downs and it reflects in the album”.

‘The Great Divide’ is settling for Busby Marou. Tom says they have found their own sound. “We don’t care about what’s on the radio. This is Busby Marou. We are not Justin Bieber, we are not Ed Sheeran. We are Busby Marou. We have our distinct sound. On the first album we found something there. It was a couple of acoustic guitars and stories. We changed things on the second album with a full band in there. The third album ‘Postcards’ was a visit to the commercial world. We worked with Jon Hume. Now album four we feel like we understand what we do and do what we want. It is back to basics in a way”.

The Busby Marou Australian tour starts in Mackay, Queensland on 27 September 2019.


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