Madiba The Musical May Be The Most Important Show You See This Year -
Perci Moeketsi as Nelson Mandela photo by Serge Thomann

Perci Moeketsi as Nelson Mandela Madiba The Musical photo by Serge Thomann

Madiba The Musical May Be The Most Important Show You See This Year

by Paul Cashmere on October 5, 2018

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Madiba The Musical is a must see for the story alone. Everyone needs a reminder about what a human rights disgrace South Africa was between 1948 and 1992. It is incredible Apartheid happened during the lifetime of people who are 30-years old today.

Timotatic, who stars as Sam Onotou, is now 31. He was a 5-year old when Apartheid ended. Madiba is a lesson in not only what South Africa was doing for 44 years not even three decades ago but a ghastly reminder that Australia should be equally ashamed with our current Liberal governments stance on human rights.

Tim’s character is not really fictitious. In Madiba, Sam is a composite of all the Blacks who stood up to Apartheid and eventually won.

Madiba is the story of Nelson Mandela, the South Africa lawyer, freedom fighter, “convicted criminal” (under racist South Africa laws) and eventually the President who led a national into the real world.

Perci Moeketsi,Tim Omaji and Tarisai Vushe and castPerci Moeketsi, as Nelson Mandela, portrays the South Africa hero from a young man in his 20s through to the last years of his life. Through Perci, we learn that life wasn’t fair, but when you did it “in the name of God” you could get away with murder (literally).

Ruva Ngwenya, as Winnie Mandela, was the rock that kept the fight going for decades while Madiba (Mandela) spent 27 years in prison.

The Victorian premiere was the first time Madiba The Musical was performed outside France. Ndaba Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela, calls it “the best show about my grandfather.”

Madiba The Musical is based on the book by Jean-Pierre Hadida and Alicia Sebrien. Hidada and Sebrien also wrote the music and lyrics for the musical which was then translated to English by Dylan Hadida and Dennis Watkins.

Madiba The Musical is currently playing in Melbourne before heading to Sydney on November 1, Canberra on November 22, Perth from 2 January and Adelaide from 17 January. Get tickets here

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