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Release The Hounds

by on November 14, 2016

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Imagine living across the road from AC/DC legend Malcolm Young for years and thinking the guy who owned that big house was probably Bruce Wayne. That’s how the Release The Hounds story begins.

Release The Hounds frontman Ben Jacob had some interesting neighbours … the Youngs. When it all sunk in, Ben found a friend in Mal’s son Ross and a new rock lineage was formed.

Release The Hounds is pure Aussie rock, derivative of Australia’s greatest pub band AC/DC. Ross became the rock of roll brother of Release The Hounds and brings an insight and connections to the table giving this band a glimpse of what can be achieved with good old-fashioned discipline.

AC/DC didn’t become who they became because they were lucky. They became who they are because they were good and they became good because they worked hard to be good. It’s a lesson Ben gets.

Ben Jacob of Release The Hounds and Ross Young spoke with Paul Cashmere at The X Studio.

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