Chrissie Hynde Is Planning Two New Albums And A Book -
Chrissie Hynde joins Stevie Nicks ADOTG at Rochford Winery on Saturday 18 November 2017. Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Chrissie Hynde joins Stevie Nicks ADOTG at Rochford Winery on Saturday 18 November 2017. Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Chrissie Hynde Is Planning Two New Albums And A Book

by Roger Wink, VVN Music on April 30, 2018

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Chrissie Hynde has revealed that she is a bit of a workhorse with many different projects at various stages of development.

Currently on her plate:
London show for PETA
New album, Hate For Sale
New music project with Marius DeVries, Valve Bone Woe
Possible re-release of Break Up the Concrete
Book of her oil paintings
Book on cow protection
Hynde talked about each of the projects in a note to fans:

Hey everybody!

I forgot to write to you….sorry about that. Just been super busy since getting back from that last tour. And that tour was the best ever. WE LOVED South America. I hope to get back there real soon. I have a few ideas about how to make that happen….so see you again soon. I hope..

Plus we ended up in some of out favourite North American cities. AND we got to take the train from Boston to New jersey. That was excellent. If you could do that all across the States, touring would be even better. Maybe one day the Yanks will re-instate the train system. I hope so.

Projects we are working on:

A show in honour of PETA on Thursday in the newly re-opened Subterannia club in Ladbroke Grove. A legendary London gig. Van Morrison opened it last week. Only holds 200 – so get a ticket now or miss it. The tickets are cheap.…/pret…/subterania-london/1217029

James and I have been writing songs for our new album, Hate for Sale, which will feature everyone in the band you’ve seen on tour this past year. Everyone is playing at the height of their powers. We have so many songs we plan on making it a double album —— so get ready for a lot of new music from us.

This week I also will be listening to the final mixes of the special project I’ve been working on with Marius De Vries ( over the past 7 years! ). It will be with you soon, called Valve Bone Woe. I think you’ll like it.

WE have had requests to re-release Break Up the Concrete. I hope that will happen soon.

My Book, Reckless, seems to be out of print already. How ’bout going into your local bookstore and demanding it? I thank you in advance. ( It’s being translated into French at the moment. )

I’m also meeting with the Genesis book people today about a book of my oil paintings. It will be good to get the paintings out of my flat, they’re taking up too much room now. 200 of them and I are fighting for space. That will be with you too, soon . Called, Adding the Blue.

What else? Oh yes, the book on Cow protection is moving forward . Animal rights people are being a little naughty at the moment ( and i understand them, however…) . A lot of posters are up around town explaining that calves are taken away from their mothers to produce dairy. What these so called animal welfare people are not telling you is that the practice of ripping a calf away from its mother is the method of FACTORY FARMING / INDUSTRIAL FARMING. Farms like the one I support in Rutland England, and the one at the Manor in Watford that George Harrison bought for us, NEVER take the calves away from their mothers and NEVER kill the cows, bulls or calves. Traditional farms – small farms -are the future of life on earth. Cows are the best thing for the top soil when they are protected and treated as the sacred animals they are. So can my animal rights bro’s and sisters please start clarifying this in their well meaning messages. I for one am tired of cows being vilified and misrepresented. We need cows. We need farms. We need farmers. We need to see a day when farms and animal sanctuaries are one and the same thing. Don’t kill the animals. That is the message. And non-slaughter dairy will never be a big industry like the vegan thing is now because there are no profits to be made. Self sustaining small farms can only accommodate their local community. IT Is not a profit making endeavour. So please support your local non-slaughter farm. And if you don’t have one near you, how about starting one yourself?
(There were no non-slaughter dairies nearby in Ohio, big farming state that it is, when i started my restaurant, The Vegiterreanean, which is why it was vegan. WE NEED some non-slaughter farms. C’mon people – get moving!)

See you next Thursday at the Subterrannia! ( sorry about my spelling – even spell-check can’t save me)


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