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Elton John - image by Ros O'Gorman

Elton John - image by Ros O'Gorman

Elton Asks Beckham To Teach Son Soccer

by Music-News.com on August 2, 2012

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Elton John has apparently already approached long time pal David Beckham to teach his toddler Zachary how to play football.

Elton John - image by Ros O'Gorman

Elton John - image by Ros O'Gorman

As soon as the 19-month-old little boy is sturdy on his feet, the musician wants the famous athlete to teach his boy how to bend the ball.

Elton, who is a fan of the game and former owner of English team Watford, has high hopes for his son’s future career in the game.

‘Elton can teach him everything he wants to know musically, but when it comes to anything athletic he’s clueless,’ a source told Star.

‘As soon as he’s old enough, Becks will help train him because Elton will have only the best for his child. Elton things his son already has what it takes to be a sportsman when he grows up.’

Although Elton sold his majority share in Watford he still has the honorary title of ‘life president.’

Elton and husband David Furnish are also reportedly set to expand their family with reports that they could be welcoming a second child via a surrogate soon.

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