Giles Martin Has Used Peter Jackson’s AI Technology To De-Mix Revolver -
The Beatles Revolver box

Giles Martin Has Used Peter Jackson’s AI Technology To De-Mix Revolver

by Paul Cashmere on September 23, 2022

in News

Giles Martin has revealed that he used Peter Jackson’s Artifical Intelligence developed for the ‘Get Back’ documentary to “demix” and then remix ‘Revolver’ for the upcoming Beatles box set.

This is the first time someone outside Jackson’s production company has utilised the technology. Martin spoke with about how the process worked, likening what he went through as separating a cake back to its original ingredients and then making a new cake.

Giles told Analogplanet, “I think the simplest thing for people to understand it, and the best way to explain it is, imagine having a cake and saying, “Okay, I want to make a different cake, but I haven’t got the ingredients. What I have to do is, I want the butter. I want the flour. I want the milk. I want the sugar. I want the eggs — and I want them all separated so I can make a different cake with them.” That is the technology. It’s like taking something that’s already been baked, and then cutting out the original ingredients”.

The first example of the new mix has been released for the song ‘Taxman’. Martin said, One of the best examples where people can hear it where the lyrics are sparse is “Taxman,” where the drum is in the middle, the guitar is on one side, and the bass on the other”.

Revolver will be reissued on 28 October 2022 via UMC/Apple.

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