Glenn Tilbrook Writes With 10-Year Old Son And Adds A Round Of Aussie Dates Before Christmas
Glenn Tilbrook

Glenn Tilbrook Writes With 10-Year Old Son And Adds A Round Of Aussie Dates Before Christmas

by Paul Cashmere on November 30, 2014

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One of the new songs by Squeeze co-founder Glenn Tilbrook was written with his 10-year old son.

‘Bongo Bill’, by Glenn Tilbrook and Leon Tilbrook, is one of the songs on Glenn’s new album ‘Happy Ending’.

Tilbrook will return to Australia for dates in New South Wales and Victoria in December to showcase the record.

Tilbrook created the new solo record while he was working on another Squeeze album.

“Momentum’s very important. It went a bit quiet at Chris Difford’s end, so I thought, ‘you know what? I’ll just get on with my own thing and make my own momentum.’” Glenn said in a statement.

He says the album is a layered acoustic, multi-instrumental record. “What I’ve tried to do is just strip my writing back to guitar or piano and start out from there,” he said. “One of the next goals I have is to make a sparse record, because I’m very good at putting in detailed information. I just like doing it.”

He says it fits nicely alongside his previous work, including the Squeeze albums. “I’m really, really vibed up on what I’m doing now,” he said. “To me, this record takes its place alongside [Tilbrook and The Fluffers’] Pandemonium Ensues and [Squeeze albums] East Side Story, Argybargy and Cool for Cats, which are my favourite records that I have made. So that’s five albums that I’ve thought, ‘Yes! I’ve actually done that properly now’…”

Glenn Tilbrook dates

December 4, Kincumber, Lizottes
December 5, Sydney, Lizottes Dee Why
December 7, Newcastle, Lizottes
December 11, Melbourne, The Spotted Mallard
December 12, Melbourne, The Caravan Club

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