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Pat Davern Elephant In Zanzibar

Grinspoon’s Pat Davern To Release Children’s Album And Book

by Paul Cashmere on October 16, 2015

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Grinspoon guitarist Pat Davern is going the way of The Wiggles with the release of a children’s book and album ‘Alexander The Elephant In Zanzibar’.

Pat collaborated on the book with his father, famed television writer James Davern O.B.E. The elder Davern was one of the writers of the hit TV series ‘A Country Practice’. “Pat asked if he could take the characters, write them into stories and set them to music. Of course, I was thrilled as now, the next generation can enjoy Alexander as much as the previous one.” James said.

“The main characters in this book came from childhood stories that Dad would make up and tell my daughter Francesca and the other grandkids. I realised these stories needed to be shared so I took the characters, put pen to paper and got to writing the book and the music.” Pat Davern recalls.

The album will feature many of Pat’s famous friends Megan Washington, Pete Murray, Tom Williams, Alex Lloyd, Connie Mitchell of Sneaky Sound System, and Kingswood.

The original musical score has been composed by Pat Davern. Pat also lends his voice to the stories’ narration.

And let’s not forget, pre-Wiggles, the members were Sydney rock band The Cockroaches.

Alexander The Elephant In Zanzibar tracklisting

1. Alexanders Theme – Feat. Pete Murray
2. Narration Pt.1
3. Red Ant Sandwiches – Feat. Alex Lloyd
4. Narration Pt.2
5. Pedro The Parrot – Feat. Connie Mitchell
6. Narration Pt.3
7. Zanzibar – Feat. Megan Washington
8. Narration Pt.4
9. What’s Going On In The Forest – Feat. Alex Lloyd/Megan Washington
10. Narration Pt.5
11. We Are The Loggers – Feat. Fergus Linacre/Alex Laska (Kingswood)
12. Narration Pt.6
13. Quick As A Flash – Feat. Connie Mitchell
14. Narration Pt.7
15. Alexander Can Run – Feat. Megan Washington
16. Narration Pt.8
17. On The Count Of Three – Feat. Alex Lloyd/Megan Washington
18. Narration Pt.9
19. Clever Uncle Gerald – Feat. Tom Williams
20. Narration Pt.10
21. A Plan Is Hatched – Feat. Alex Lloyd/Megan Washington
22. Narration Pt.11
23. The Truck Is Beginning To Roll – Feat. Alex Lloyd/Megan Washington
24. Narration Pt.12
25. We saved The Forest – Feat. Alex Lloyd/Megan Washington/ Connie Mitchell/ Tom Williams
26. Narration Pt.13
27. Alexanders Theme (Reprise) – Feat. Pete Murray


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