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Bob Dylan Heavens Door whiskey

Bob Dylan Heavens Door whiskey

Jimmy Fallon gives Bob Dylan a shot of well-positioned product placement

by Paul Cashmere on November 24, 2018

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Bob Dylan received some expensive product placement from Jimmy Fallon for his new Heaven’s Door whiskey and bourbon this week.

Dylan appeared in a video for Heaven’s Door (named after his 1973 hit Knocking on Heaven’s Door). The two minute 20 second advertisement features acrobatics from the Big Apple Circus with Bob and Jimmy chugging a shot while watching the circus.

There are four editions of the brand. Its interesting that Dylan and Fallon are seen drinking the cheapest edition, the $50 Heavens Door Tennessee Straight Bourbon in the video, not the limited edition Heaven’s Door 10-Year Tennessee Straight Bourbon.

The Heaven’s Door business is not a simple celebrity licencing venture (like how AC/DC and Kiss slap their name on anything for the right price). Dylan is a full partner in the Heaven’s Door business.

The company Spirits Investment Partnership is based in Chicago. Dylan’s partners are CEO Marc Bushala and COO Ryan Perry. Both are liquor veterans.

Perry discovered that there was a trademark filed by Dylan for ‘bootleg whiskey’. Dylan had planned to issue a whiskey to co-exist with his bootleg music series. Instead Perry talked him into changing the name to Heaven’s Door to avoid the connotations that the word bootleg has with alcohol.

Dylan was a whiskey geek and went with the concept.

The Heaven’s Door whiskey business should be a nice earner for Bob. Bushala sold his last company Angel’s Envy to Bacardi for $150 million.

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