Pete Wentz Returns To Work As Label Boss
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Fall Out Boy

Pete Wentz Returns To Work As Label Boss

by on June 14, 2014

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Pete Wentz needed to ‘reorganise his brain’ before he could relaunch his record label.

The Fall Out Boy bassist founded Decaydance back in 2005 and had some early success after signing Panic! at the Disco, Gym Class Heroes and Tyga.

He’s taken the last three years off while on hiatus from his own band. But the rocker says he’s more ready than ever to step back into the role, this time as label boss of the relaunched DCD2.

‘I kind of needed to reorganise my brain and reorganise my life, and at the time I was taking time off from Fall Out Boy,’ he told Entertainment Weekly of why he took a break.

‘Stepping back really allowed me to see the plane that music is on. I realised that it was something that I did enjoy doing, like embracing new artists and helping them navigate their way, and being able to take a chance on things that were a little bit different was really interesting to me.’

Pete recently signed American blues singer Lauren Pritchard, who goes by the stage name LOLO, as well as New Politics, a band of alternative rockers from Denmark.

And he’s determined to look after the artists he brings on board, because he wishes someone had done the same for him.

‘I think that what’s interesting about it to me is that maybe I wish that Fall Out Boy had had someone who’d done it all before on their own who we could get on the phone and talk to,’ Pete explained.

‘And there’s an honest-to-goodness good feeling, like when you see your kid hit a triple at their Little League game, there’s that feeling when you see a band that you knew had that pure talent, when the rest of the world sees it you get that feeling of pride in being a part of their narrative.’

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