Courtney Love Thinks Marlon Brando Was Her Grandfather -
Courtney Love - Photo by Ros O'Gorman.

Courtney Love. Photo by Ros O'Gorman.

Courtney Love Thinks Marlon Brando Was Her Grandfather

by on March 8, 2017

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Courtney Love remains convinced Marlon Brando is her grandfather because the late actor was living with her author grandma when the rocker’s mother was conceived.

Brando and Love’s grandmother, Paula Fox, were reportedly guests of iconic acting coach Stella Adler in 1943, the year the Hole star’s mum, Linda Carroll, was conceived. Fox, who was 19 at the time, subsequently placed Carroll up for adoption.

Fox passed away last week without revealing the identity of Love’s grandfather, but the 52-year-old still believes she is related to the late The Godfather star.

“She went to her grave still not telling me and my brothers and sisters who is grandpa,” she reportedly posted on Facebook, according to the New York Post’s Page Six. “I’m sticking with Brando. It’s very probable.”

“I once asked Warren (Beatty) to ask Marlon to tell me,” she reportedly added. “I’ll save the results of that interaction for my memoir.”

Fox was asked about Love’s claims in 2013.

“She’s awful, she’s awful,” she told the Observer. “She’s terrible! I met with her for an hour, and the hour was like an hour in the devil’s pocket, for both of us.”

“Paula’s absolute dislike of me is shocking and inexplicable,” Love responded.

The singer has often had unkind words to say about her grandmother – she has blasted her in the past for keeping her grandfather’s identity concealed.

“I think she’s a frosty-ass bitch, and she said in The New York Times Magazine that she didn’t like the way I used language,” she told Heeb magazine in 2009. “I’m a lyricist. Call it whatever the fuck you want, but don’t talk about how I use language because how I use language is my bread and butter. She wasn’t talking about cursing, either, from the way it was written in the context, it wasn’t cursing. You know what, Paula, go fuck yourself.”

Love also took aim at her grandmother’s acclaimed memoir, Borrowed Finery, criticising Fox for not revealing “who she fucked or who she had babies with or anything else”.

The rocker and actress snarled, “She sort of circles her way around the major topic, which is who my mother’s father is.”



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