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Dead In A Second Girls In Town

Dead In A Second Release Chrissy Amphlett Tribute

by Paul Cashmere on August 19, 2013

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Sydney band Dead In A Second have recorded a male vocal version of Chrissy Amphlett’s Divinyls classic ‘Boys In Town’ as a charity single.

The new version of the song, retitled ‘Girls In Town’ will benefit MS and breast cancer research.

“I felt that I could do more than just buy a pen or put some loose change into a bucket at the shopping centre,” said the band’s Tristan ‘Trizo’ Bouillaut. “My family as well as millions of others out there have suffered greatly. I felt personally, this is the least I can do to help. I feel honoured to be able to tribute Chrissy! After all she gave her incredible music to the world for many years. This is my thank you to her.”

The change the lyrics and the title, Trizo made contact with Divinyls publishing company EMI Music Publishing Australia who approved the changes.

Tristan ‘Trizo’ Bouillaut is the former guitarist and songwriter for Thousand Needles In Red.

The Dead In A Second single will be available from August 30.

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