Illusionists Chris Cox says he his glad he has used his Talent for Good and not Evil -
The Illusionists

The Illusionists

Illusionists Chris Cox says he his glad he has used his Talent for Good and not Evil

by Paul Cashmere on December 31, 2018

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British Magician/Illusionist Chris Cox admits he is a master manipulator of his audience and that’s where the entertainment value comes in but he also says that he could have used his skill for “evil’ … like teaching this talent to politicians.

“What I do, I know how to control an audience and get the response I want from them,” Chris Cox tells “That easels through body language and spoken word. We know politicians have media training and maybe they are learning some of those kills. It’s a dark art. I’m glad I use it for entertainment but if a politician wants to pay me enough, I’d take it”.

Chris Cox has a media background. He worked for British radio and met a load of popstars in the job. “We’d have pop stars in all the time. The ones who were media trained were the worst guests. It was just like talking to a robot. You might as well have just emailed the answers,” Chris said.

Maybe one day Chris could get into consulting business people. “ “I should just find a really rich company and go “I’ll train everyone for you”,” he said. “It’s funny because I have always used what I do to entertain people. I have never thought of it as a skill that is useful outside of that world. I might set up a little consultancy company”.

Chris Cox is now appearing as part of The Illusionists. The shows heads to Brisbane next on January 9 and Melbourne from 22-27 January 2019.

The Australian shows will feature:

The Trickster – Jeff Hobson
The Warrior – Robyn Sharpe
The Inventor – Kevin James
The Daredevil – Jonathan Goodwin
The Conjuress – Jinger Leigh
The Manipulator – An Ha Lim
The Showman – Mark Kalin


The Mentalist – Chris Cox

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