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JD Souther John David Souther

JD Souther John David Souther

J.D. Souther’s Asylum And Warner Bros Catalogue To Be Reissued On Vinyl

by Paul Cashmere on June 28, 2018

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J.D. Souther’s first two albums for Asylum and his forth album for Warner Bros will be reissued on Vinyl in September.

As the musician’s songwriter, Souther found his career generating iconic songs for Linda Ronstadt, Eagles and Jackson Browne even though few knew the songs they thought were originals by those acts are actually J.D. Souther covers.

J.D. Souther’s first album ‘John David Souther’ from 1972 featured ‘How Long’, a song that would not become better known until decades later by Eagles on their ‘Long Road Out Of Eden’ album in 2007. The Souther album failed to make the Top 200 in the USA while Eagles had a number one record.

1976’s ‘Black Rose’ featured ‘Simple Man, Simple Dream’. The album got as high as number 85 in the USA but the following year Linda Ronstadt had a number one album with it as the title track.

Souther did manage one hit record on his own. ‘You’re Only Lonely’ was a Top 10 record in America. It was off the third album ‘You’re Only Lonely’ on Columbia so therefore not included in these reissues.

J.D. return to the Warner stable for ‘Home By Dawn’ on Warner Bros in 1984. By this stage he was the least famous person in the room for the recording featuring Don Henley and Timothy B. Schmit of Eagles, David Hungate of Toto and Linda Ronstadt.

J.D. Souther’s albums will be reissued on vinyl through Omnivore Recordings on September 21.

John David Souther track listing:
Side One:
1. The Fast One 

2. Run Like A Thief 

3. Jesus In 3/4 Time 

4. Kite Woman 

5. Some People Call It Music 

Side Two: 

1. White Wing 

2. It’s The Same 

3. How Long 

4. Out To Sea 

5. Lullaby

Black Rose Track Listing:
Side One:
1. Banging My Head Against The Moon 

2. If You Have Crying Eyes 

3. Your Turn Now 

4. Faithless Love 

5. Baby Come Home 

Side Two: 

1. Simple Man, Simple Dream 

2. Silver Blue 

3. Midnight Prowl 

4. Doors Swing Open 

5. Black Rose 

Home By Dawn Track Listing:
Side One:
1. Home By Dawn 

2. Go Ahead And Rain 

3. Say You Will 

4. I’ll Take Care
5. All For You 

Side Two
1. Night 

2. Don’t Know What I’m Gonna Do 

3. Bad News 

4. All I Want 

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