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Jarvis Cocker: Photo Ros O'Gorman

Jarvis Cocker: Photo Ros O'Gorman

Jarvis Cocker’s ‘C*nts Are Still Running The World’ Is Almost There!

by Tim Cashmere on December 17, 2019

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Less than 24 hours after we first wrote about it, Jarvis Cocker’s ‘C*nts Are Still Running The World’ is in with a chance.

You might have read on Noise11.com yesterday that Jarvis Cocker is headed for the UK Christmas No. 1, well it’s no time to give up now!

The song is currently sitting at No. 1 on 7 Digital, and No. 3 on the UK iTunes chart, behind LadBaby’s novelty charity single I Love Sausage Rolls (a parody of Joan Jett’s I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll), and the same duo doing a swing version of the same song.

The woman behind the movement Darcie Schoenman Molina spoke to Noise11 this morning.

“I was home sick on Friday, the morning after the election, feeling sad and frustrated about the results,” she explained. “My partner and I were talking about the song and decided that trying to get it to UK Christmas #1 would be a fun distraction for ourselves and others, giving people something positive to focus on, reminding people that they do have a voice.

“But we never anticipated the response we’ve gotten. It’s really incredible. People are so excited to come together and do something where they feel like they can make a difference.”

If you’re thinking it’s too late to make a difference, you have until Thursday, 19 December.

“In terms of whether we think it will have an impact, it’s definitely had one in the download charts! We’re now at #3 in itunes, #2 amazon, #1 7digital,” Schoenman Molina said.

So why do it?

“In terms of impact on anything else, we know it’s not going to change the world. Ultimately it’s just making people smile for a week, and that seems like a worthy thing to do.”

Making people smile is a cause we can get behind.

The movement is making waves in Australia too, with the song hitting #104 on the charts. While there is a movement to make it #1 down here as well, it is unlikely to happen this Christmas without some kind of Christmas miracle.

If you want to help it hit the charts in the UK, however, you can buy it from iTunes UK or 7 Digital with a British credit card.

Alternatively, hit it up on Spotify (via a VPN set to the UK if you’re not physically there) 100 times.

For it to count towards next week’s singles chart, you must make your purchase or stream the song before this Thursday, December 19! Now get to work!

Make Jarvis #1, because this is the competition:

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