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Michael Avenatti releases New Bombshell Information on Sexual Predator R. Kelly

by Paul Cashmere on February 23, 2019

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Attorney Michael Avenatti has vowed to not only find justice for the victims of sexual predator R. Kelly but to also go after the enablers, the agents, managers and attorneys, who turned a blind eye to his crimes.

Avenatti is representing six clients; two victims, two parents and two whistleblowers from his inner circle for the better part of 25 years. Avenatti has dropped new bombshell information on the depth Kelly went to sexual abuse his young female victims.

Avenatti has a previously unseen 40+ minute video damning Kelly which he will use as evidence. He also has another video in his procession and he pursing a third. “R. Kelly refers to age of victims as 14 years of age on 10 different occasions in 35 minute video,” Avenatti says. “Both the victim and Mr Kelly reference her age. It is clear this young lady was 14 years of age at the time the video was shot”.

He says that, “the tape was shot in the late 90s, approximately 1999. It is two different scenes shot on two different days from Mr Kelly’s residence at the time. “There is no question that he knew exactly what he was doing”, he says.

He adds, “It is clear that Mr Kelly is having the victim watch another piece of pornography which appears to be him with yet another young girl on a big screen television in the background. The young girl refers to Mr Kelly as “daddy”.

He says that the video depicts the young victim performing and receiving oral sex as well as vaginal intercourse and anal penetration. There are instances of Mr Kelly urinating of the victim.

“Today marks a watershed moment in the 25 years of abuse by this predator known as R. Kelly,” he says.

“I want to send a message to the agents and managers and attorneys and others who stood by and turned a blind eye while teenage girls were sexually assaulted for decades. Mr Kelly did not do this alone. He did so with the assistance of all these of folks in the interests of money. They looked the other way. They didn’t want to kill the golden goose and did not want to interfere with their own individual paydays.

R. Kelly will face 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse dating back to May 1998. He has been charged in Cook County, Illinois. Arraignment has been set for 8 March 2019.

“I am confident Mr Kelly will be convicted and he will rightly die in a prison. He should never walk free another day in his life as a result of the abuse he participated in over decades,” Avenatti said.

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