Peter O’Doherty Explains His Dog Trumpet Song ‘At Anytime’ -
Peter O'Doherty of Dog Trumpet photo by Ros O'Gorman

Peter O'Doherty of Dog Trumpet photo by Ros O'Gorman

Peter O’Doherty Explains His Dog Trumpet Song ‘At Anytime’

by Paul Cashmere on May 13, 2020

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Dog Trumpet’s Peter O’Doherty says his song ‘At Anytime’ is part fact, part fiction.

In our on-going series of track by track chats with Dog Trumpet for, Reg Mombassa and Peter O’Doherty discuss each track.

Peter says, “‘At Anytime’ is a true story but maybe not my story completely. It is about spending all morning breaking up and then the rest of the day we were making up. It’s a song about human relationships, intimate relationships. Nothing is ever perfect for too long. You have your ups and your downs. That was probably when one of those days had gone south but we picked it up again.

“That song is partly from some of my own experience and some from imagining other peoples experience. It is very universal. In a way I think I have been writing songs from a personal perspective, looking internally. They are about emotion and feelings. That’s a great thing about songs. You don’t have to write a novel. You tell the story of a few short verses. Less is more is a good songwriting tool.

“’At Anytime’ is a song is one that changed a lot. I deconstructed it from its original form. It flows like a story. It starts small, gets larger, builds into something else and then comes back and has a difference finish than you expect. The last thing you hear of that song is a slide guitar at the end, tapering off.

“Where I have my studio I have a big peach tree out the back. It was an afternoon all the birds were fighting and competing for the space up there. They were making a cacophony of sound. I finished the last chord on my acoustic guitar and let it die off. You could hear this screeching of birds. I left that in the record. The last thing you hear is the birds”.

Listen to ‘At Anytime’:

Listen to ‘Lonely Heart Cleaning Company’:

Listen to ‘Gravity’:

Peter O’Doherty discusses ‘Not Quite Enough’ and ‘Wallpaper.”

Great South Road’ is out now.

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