by Andrew Tijs on January 10, 2013

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Jon and Karl from New Zealand rock titans Shihad open up about their entire career, their ‘meanest’ hits, and their next album.

There’s no doubt that Shihad are one of the most successful bands in New Zealand’s history. Is it because they rock so hard? Because they’re the nicest dudes ever? Because they just never gave up? After two decades in the biz, they take stock with the mammoth 38-track compilation The Meanest Hits, but don’t think they’re done yet.

We talk to frontman Jon Toogood and bassist Karl Kippenberger about their entire history – ridiculous haircuts, Faith No More playing their songs during soundcheck, the band’s definitive riff, the Beautiful Machine documentary, their run of retrospective shows, a secret club gig, whether being nice guys helped or hurt their career, and the next step — a harder album.



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