Blur 2015 Setlist Offers A Bit Of Every Album -
Damon Albarn Melbourne 2014, photo ros ogorman

Damon Albarn, Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Blur 2015 Setlist Offers A Bit Of Every Album

by Paul Cashmere on June 21, 2015

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Blur have kicked off their tour for 2015 and while the setlist from show to show varies slightly, the basic format of what Australia can expect next month is in play.

Blur performed at Hyde Park, London last night (Saturday, June 20, 2015) and every album was represented with a least one song. Blur dug back to 1991’s debut ‘Leisure’ to perform ‘There’s No Other Way’ and its sequel ‘Modern Life Is Rubbish’ in 1993, performing ‘For Tomorrow’ in the encore.

Blur went east on the current album ‘The Magic Whip’ performing just four tracks. The star of the show was the 1994 album ‘Parklife’ with seven songs featured over the two-hour show.

SETLIST Blur, Hyde Park London, June 20, 2015

Go Out (The Magic Whip, 2015)
There’s No Other Way (from Leisure, 1991)
Lonesome Street (The Magic Whip, 2015)
Badhead (from Parklife, 1994)
Coffee & TV (from 13, 1999)
Out Of Time (from Think Tank, 2003)
Beetlebum (from Blur, 1997)
Thought I Was A Spaceman (The Magic Whip, 2015)
Trimm Trabb (from 13, 1999)
He Thought Of Cars (from The Great Escape, 1995)
End Of A Century (from Parklife, 1994)
I Broadcast (The Magic Whip, 2015)
Trouble In The Message Centre (from Parklife, 1994)
Tender (from 13, 1999)
Parklife (from Parklife, 1994)
Ong Ong (The Magic Whip, 2015)
Song 2 (from Blur, 1997)
To The End (from Parklife, 1994)
This Is A Low (from Parklife, 1994)

Stereotypes (from The Great Escape, 1995)
Girls & Boys (from Parklife, 1994)
For Tomorrow (from Modern Life Is Rubbish, 1993)
The Universal (from The Great Escape, 1995)

PHOTO GALLERY: Damon Albarn in Melbourne by Ros O’Gorman

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