Bob Dylan Has Written The Liner Notes For Dion’s ‘Blues With Friends’ -
Dion photo by

Dion photo by

Bob Dylan Has Written The Liner Notes For Dion’s ‘Blues With Friends’

by Paul Cashmere on July 26, 2020

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Dion’s friends on ‘Blues With Friends’ include Billy Gibbons, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen and Van Morrison but there is one name on the album who actually doesn’t sing one note. Bob Dylan wrote the liner notes.

Dion tells, “I had finished all the songs, I go them all out. No more songs to send out. Then I was thinking I should get someone to write something about this music I’ve done. You usually have liner notes on an album. I thought let me send it to Bob Dylan. We all now Bob Dylan is the greatest writer of the 20th century and beyond. He has won a Nobel Prize and he knows how to put words to a page. I sent him the album, he loved it, and he wrote the liner notes to this album. They are quite insightful. I always learn something every time he writes. It is kind of crazy. I am thankful to Bob for his generosity for making it very special”.

In the liner notes Bob Dylan writes “Dion knows how to sing, and he knows just the right way to craft these songs, these blues songs. He’s got some friends here to help him out and they are true luminaries. But in the end, it’s Dion by himself alone, and that masterful voice of his that will keep you returning to share Blues song with him”.

Dion says Bob doesn’t sing on this record but … “I had finished, I had sent all the songs out. Next time”.

Watch the complete Dion Blues With Friends interview in Noise11’s ‘Interviews from Home’ new Iso series.

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