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Disturbed Play First Show In Four Years

by Paul Cashmere on August 23, 2015

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Disturbed played their first show in four years on Friday night in their hometown of Chicago to launch their new album ‘Immortalized’.

The show at the Chicago House of Blues will be the only Disturbed show of 2015. Disturbed’s previous show was on August 27, 2011 in Chile.

Disturbed will kick off their ‘Immortalized’ world tour in March, 2016 in Vancouver, Canada.

Lead singer David Draiman has ruled out an appearance on Australia’s Soundwave for 2016 telling Noise11.com, “The only unfortunate thing about having kept this thing a secret for as long as we did is that you can’t really start planning things until the secret is out. The secret only came out a month or two ago. As soon as we have something definite to announce we will.”

David Draiman of Disturbed is this week’s special guest on iHeartRadio Music Mews, powered by Noise11.com.

‘Immortalized’ is the sixth album for Disturbed released just two weeks short of five years. The previous four Disturbed albums ‘Asylum’ (2010), ‘Indestructible’ (2008), ‘Ten Thousand Fists’ (2005) and ‘Believe’ (2002) were all number one albums in the USA.

Disturbed setlist August 21, 2015, Chicago

(Sweet Home Chicago)
Ten Thousand Fists (from Ten Thousand Fists, 2005)
Warrior (from Asylum, 2010)
The Game (from The Sickness, 2000)
The Vengeful One (from Immortalized, 2015)
Prayer (from Believe, 2002)
Violence Fetish (from The Sickness, 2000)
Liberate (from Believe, 2002)
Another Way To Die (from Asylum, 2010)
Droppin’ Plates (from The Sickness, 2000)
The Light (from Immortalized, 2015)
Hell (from Ten Thousand Fists, 2005)
Stupify (from The Sickness, 2000)
Remember (from Believe, 2002)
Want (from The Sickness, 2000)
The Animal (from Asylum, 2010)
The Meaning Of Life (from The Sickness, 2000)
(The Eye of the Storm) (from Immortalized, 2015)
Immortalized (from Immortalized, 2015)
Inside The Fire (from Indestructible, 2008)
Stricken (from Ten Thousand Fists, 2005)
What Are We Waiting For (from Immortalized, 2015)
Indestructible (from Indestructible, 2008)

Voices (from The Sickness, 2000)
Land of Confusion (from Ten Thousand Fists, 2005)
Down With The Sickness (from The Sickness, 2000)


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