Don McLean Talks After Domestic Assault Charge -
Don McLean, Photo, Ros O'Gorman

Don McLean, Photo By Ros O'Gorman

Don McLean Talks After Domestic Assault Charge

by Paul Cashmere on January 22, 2016

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Don McLean was arrested early Monday at his home in Bangor, Maine and charged with domestic assault.

While, at the time, the police would not identify the victim, it has now come out that it was his wife of thirty years, Patricia, that contacted the authorities and has now received a temporary order of protection.

According to Billboard, Patricia’s written statement requesting the order said that there had been a pattern of abuse for the three decades that they were together. She also said that, when they were first married, McLean’s depth of rage was “unfathomably deep and scary”.

On this week’s incident, she said that she had been left bruised and that “Don terrorized me for four hours, until the 911 call that I think might have saved my life.” TMZ also reports that McLean squeezed his wife’s temples so hard that she is still having headaches and that he stated during the incident that “I want to strangle you so bad.” He allegedly also called her a “hebe” (she is Jewish) and said about her leaving him “If I have a stroke, I will get my gun and kill you.

McLean offered his own statement on his website Thursday:

“This last year and especially now have been hard emotional times for my wife my children and me. What is occurring is the very painful breakdown of an almost 30 year relationship. Our hearts are broken and we must carry on. There are no winners or losers but I am not a villain. I may never recover from this but I will try and hope to continue to entertain you all as I always have. I ask God to give us the strength to find new happiness and I hope people will realize that this will all be resolved but I hope I will not be judged in this frantic media environment.”

Don McLean

January 21, 2016


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