Santana Interview From Archive -
Carlos Santana. Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Carlos Santana. Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Santana Interview From Archive

by Edina Patsy on May 5, 2016

in News

Carlos Santana is one of the rock era’s true legends.

A 30 year career has made Santana one of the greatest rock acts of all time. Even more amazing is the fact that after all his time in music, he has delivered the biggest album of his career only this year.

Santana’s ‘Supernatural’ is already being sited by music critics as next years ‘Album of the Year’ at the Grammy Awards.

We take you back to the Santana interview when Carlos spoke to Paul Cashmere about the milestones of his career.

Paul Cashmere> Carlos Santana welcome back to Australia, out here again with all the band. First time in quite a few years.

Carlos Santana> Yeah it’s been a long time and I’m very grateful that Paul Dainty invited us back.

PC> The whole Latin thing is happening now, but you’ve been part of Latin music for many, many years. Just to quote one of your albums, Sacred Fire, Live in South America. I guess that’s a fairly exotic place to record an album?

CS> Yeah, we played there in 1994. We played in Santiago Chile, first time ’cause we did South America in ’73 like the first time we played in Australia and we hadn’t been back there since. I heard Prince went there and Sting went there and Guns ‘n’ Roses. In fact we played 2 days after Guns ‘n’ Roses in Chile. They did 45,000, 35,000 and we did 90,000. In all fairness we charged half the ticket price, and we let children under 13 in for free, and that brings the grandparents, but nevertheless we played for four hours and it was a complete and utter spiritual orgasm. All people were bugging out and we said we gotta come back to South America and capture this on video, and we did that, we went to Mexico, Venezuela, Chile and Argentina and that’s where we came out with the video. We wanted to let people know that this dinosaur is not ready to be put in the pasture. There are very few bands in this world, that are just the music alone. We don’t rely on mini-skirts or laser machines or smoke bombs. All the gimmicks that most of the cheap bands rely on. It was not a burlesque show, it was not a light show, we don’t spend two million dollars on lights alone.


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