Bruce Springsteen To Act In Lilyhammer
Bruce Springsteen at SXSW Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Bruce Springsteen at SXSW Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Bruce Springsteen To Act In Lilyhammer

by Paul Cashmere on September 5, 2014

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Bruce Springsteen is expected to make his acting debut in Lilyhammer.

Steven Van Zandt has a role in the show and it looks like his buddy Bruce will get a small part too.

Van Zandt has built a pretty solid second career (well, third if you count radio host) for himself as an actor playing mobsters, first on the HBO series The Sopranos and now on the Norwegian series Lilyhammer, which is seen in the U.S. on Netflix.

The series has been a huge hit on Norwegian television with the premier episode being viewed by one-fifth of Norway’s population. It also has done well in the U.S. where it was Netflix’ first piece of “original” content, leading them to produce such big hits as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

Season two production interrupted Van Zandt’s participation in part of Springsteen’s last tour but the filming for season three has conveniently come during a break, so convenient that Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva has heard that Bruce Springsteen will be taking part in the series as a guest star for at least one episode, reportedly playing an undertaker. If the rumor is true, it will be The Boss’ acting debut.

Word is also that Tony Sirico, who played opposite Van Zandt as Paulie “Walnuts” on The Sopranos will also be guesting on a number of episodes.

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