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Eminem photo by Jeremy Deputat

Eminem photo by Jeremy Deputat

Eminem Comes Out As Gay In The Interview

by Paul Cashmere on December 27, 2014

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Eminem admits he is gay in a very funny scene from the controversial new movie ‘The Interview’.

Casually while being interviewed in The Interview Eminem (played by Eminem) tells celebrity interviewer David Skylark (James Franco), “When I say things about gay people and people think my lyrics are homophobic it is because I am gay.”

The Skylark gets him to confirm what he just said, “Eminem, lets back it up a moment. You just said you were gay and I’m just curious what you meant by that exactly,”

“I am gay… I am a homosexual… I like men,” Eminem explains.

Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogan) is in disbelief. “Eminem just said he was gay … four times. That’s what the fuck just happened. Eminem’s gay on our show, Eminem’s gay on our show”.

The Interview is the provocative movie about a plot to kill North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

After being withdrawn from cinemas because of threats of terrorist attacks, the movie did debut in selected cinemas across America on Boxing Day and went immediately to online downloads.



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