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Grow Up Madonna

by VVN Music on June 12, 2012

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Madonna is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular entertainers of the last quarter century and for good reason. She has had a very long run of hits that are varied in style and, most of the time, her live shows are exciting and extremely entertaining.

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Is that not enough?

Case in point, her Thursday night concert in Istanbul, Turkey. While performing her song Human Nature, she began to strip off her top and, after getting down to her bra, popped open a flap to expose her nipple to the crowd.

There is no doubt that this was a deliberate act, not a “wardrobe malfunction” like Janet Jackson. Media is reporting that she did it in support of a current women’s movement in Turkey against Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogen who is calling for the end of abortion in the country where it has been allowed, up through the first 10 weeks, for almost 40 years. There is also a provision that would ban most C-Sections.

Madonna turned around after the incident to reveal “No Fear” written on her back, presumably in support of the “My Body is Mine” campaign.

There’s no problem that she wants to support Turkish women in their campaign, but wouldn’t it be better to make a statement during the show or at a press conference? Is it really necessary to pull one of her “outrageous stunts” that may or may not even get the point across and may or may not actually overshadow the statement?

It’s time for Madonna to stop pulling these stunts in an attempt to shock and get publicity. She has the talent and the legacy to continue to record music for many more years and to continue to put on ticket-selling, entertaining shows without degrading herself with such silliness.

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