John Lennon DNA Lives In Sculpture -
John Lennon sculpture by Kirsten Zuk

John Lennon sculpture by Kirsten Zuk

John Lennon DNA Lives In Sculpture

by Paul Cashmere on August 17, 2012

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The DNA of John Lennon has been included in a new sculpture of the famous Beatle.

John Lennon sculpture by Kirsten Zuk

John Lennon sculpture by Kirsten Zuk

Artist Kirsten Zuk has made a sculpture of the head of John Lennon and placed John’s tooth in the work of art.

Her brother Dr. Michael Zuk aka the ‘Crazy dentist’ bought John’s tooth at a UK auction in 2011 for $32,000. Lennon had given the tooth to a fan. Kirsten used a small piece of the tooth in her sculpture.

“John Lennon gave his tooth to a fan in good spirit so I wanted to do a few things that would raise awareness of the charity Smile Train, so we are asking people that come to view the sculpture at the Kirsten’s Art Show this weekend in Edmonton to consider making a donation which helps children with cleft lip and palate.,” says Dr. Michael Zuk. He adds, ‘The house that Lennon lived in when he had the tooth removed just came up for sale at a reported 15M British pounds, so anything Lennon is almost priceless’.

Dr Zuk is the author of the book ‘John Lennon Tooth’.

Kirsten has the sculpture on display at the Fringe Festival in Edmonton, Canada. She is raising money from the sculpture for the charity Smile Train, helping children in poverty receive dental treatment.



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