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Anita Pallenberg and Keith Richards

R.I.P. Anita Pallenberg 1944-2017

by Paul Cashmere on June 14, 2017

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Anita Pallenberg, the one-time girlfriend of Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones and then Keith Richards, has died at age 73.

Pallenberg was the mother to three of Keith Richards’ children Marlon, Angela (Dandelion) and Tara Jo Jo Gunne (who died 10 weeks after birth).

Pallenberg sang background vocals on the Rolling Stones ‘Sympathy for the Devil’. She appeared in the 1968 Jean-Luc Godard documentary ‘Sympathy for the Devil. She was also seen in the 2010 Stones’ doco ‘Stones In Exile’.

Anita Pallenberg and Mick Jagger’s ex-Marianne Faithfull played the God and the Devil in Ab Fab’s fourth season episode ‘Donkey’.

Marianne Faithfull Jennifer Saunders Anita Pallenberg

Anita also played The Great Tyrant, Black Queen of Sogo in the 1968 movie ‘Barbarella’. ‘Barbarella’ also had a character called Durand Durand where Duran Duran took their name. Duran Duran use a scene from Barbarella featuring Pallenberg in their 1985 video ‘Wild Boys’

Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg split in 1981. In his book ‘Life’ he claims Anita once also had a brief affair with Mick Jagger during the filming of the film ‘Performance’.

The cause of Anita Pallenberg’s death has not yet been announced.




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