Vanessa Amorosi Prepares For Global Stream This Weekend -
Vanessa Amorosi photo by Ros O'Gorman

Vanessa Amorosi photo by Ros O'Gorman

Vanessa Amorosi Prepares For Global Stream This Weekend

by Paul Cashmere on June 25, 2020

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Vanessa Amorosi is looking forward to streaming live around the world this weekend from Los Angeles with her band back in Australia.

“I will have my bass player in Melbourne, my keyboard player in Tasmania. My sound engineer will be in Melbourne and my engineer will be in Melbourne as well. It will be the four of us,” Vanessa tells

The Vanessa Amorosi performance will launch her new album ‘The Blacklisted Collection’ done during isolation. In the lead-up to the album release, Vanessa released a new song every Monday for nine weeks. “It is not something that is done often,” she says. “Now that we have released nine singles every Monday I can understand why it is not done. Because it is really hard. At the moment I felt like getting the material as quickly as possible out to people. We managed to achieve that but it was difficult”.

‘The Blacklisted Collection’ delves back to unfinished demos but also includes songs written and released within a week. “Some of the songs were written years ago. Some were written literally a week before release,” Vanessa says. “Because of what has been happening being trapped at home I’ve been creative. I have written a ton of songs in the last few months. I tried to incorporate some of the songs that I really wanted to get out and put in some of the new ones as well. I would pick the next song a week ahead and we would start production. Even if it was a demo from nine years ago, things had to be replaced, work needed to be done to make it sound like a single, not a demo”.

Back To Love was released in November 2019. The Blacklisted Collection is released eight months later. “It always helps when you have time to think. I write a ton of music normally but with this situation it is double. I have another record finished and done which I hope to get out and I have another one I am working on. I expect to get a lot of new material out over the next five years”.

Vanessa Amorosi has had a diverse career. Early fans know her for the pop songs. Latter fans discovered her blues but it may surprise you to know that before everything she was alternative. “Before I started that first pop record I was in a rock band. We covered Primus and Mr Bungle,” she says. “I was working in a Russian Club doing Russian hymns. I was doing a bunch of different styles of music back then. I was young, a country girl and I was shy. It didn’t make sense for me to be singing Faith No More stuff. The decision was made then that it would be a better route to try and do Pop music. It is the hardest music to write because it has to be relatable”.

Vanessa can rock her pop songs and pop up her blues songs depending on the show. “I love that I can do that. It is because I’ve had the same musicians for 20 years. We started off as kids together. We know how to play the songs I’ve released 50 different way”.

One of her recent setlist additions is a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dancing In The Dark’. “Two years ago I heard it on the radio and fell in love with it,” she says. “I suddenly related to it. I had heard that song my whole life but for a moment I heard it differently and I’m obsessed with that song. I also had a similar experience 10 years ago with a song by Max Merritt called ‘Slipping Away’”.

Vanessa’ sixth album ‘The Blacklisted Collection’ is her first indie release.

Vanessa’s performance is via TIX Presents, a virtual platform for artists to play directly to fans. “We came up with TIX Presents at a time when artists are struggling, to offer them a new way to reach audiences. All profits go directly to the performer, while tickets are affordable and based on a pay-what-you-can model. We understand that fans and the public are suffering too, unable to access live entertainment or perhaps not having the funds to pay for live shows like they previously would,” says Sheila Moloney, CEO TIX.

The platform will also cast the Pam Ann Show from Miami in 2 July.

Vanessa Amorosi – Exclusive & Intimate from LA – Saturday June 27th at 8pm AEST
The Pam Ann Show – Live from Miami Biatch – Thursday July 2nd at 9pm AEST

Grab TIX at TIX

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