ABBA Decided To Reunite Before They Were Dead -
IMAGE ABBA Digital Portrait Credit Industrial Light & Magic

IMAGE ABBA Digital Portrait Credit Industrial Light & Magic

ABBA Decided To Reunite Before They Were Dead

by Paul Cashmere on September 3, 2021

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The four members of ABBA had one motivation to reunite. They wanted to do it for they were dead.

ABBA’s Benny Andersson used those exact words at the media conference to launch the ‘Voyage’ album and stage show. “We wanted to do it before we were dead,” is exactly how Benny put it.

And Bjorn Ulvaeus added, “Its good if you do it before you are dead it gets more accurate then”

The concert event will happen in London in a theatre currently being built by ABBA for ABBA. The stage show will feature 22 songs, including the two new songs, but the setlist is yet to be revealed.

“It will be sort of a greatest hits,” Benny Andersson said. “We tried to play a couple of the songs that have not been great hits but are songs that we like. ‘Dancing Queen’ in is going to be in. 22 songs, an hour and a half song and also the two new songs will be in there because the other songs we hadn’t recorded when we did this motion thing we only had two songs and then we said maybe we should do a couple more.

About the ‘Voyage’ album Benny continues, “It was so joyful being in the studio again, the four of us. Hearing Frida and Agnetha go for it again. Really not knowing if they were still there. Five minutes before they came into the studio I should have asked if they could still sing. They could and they can”.

“The album is in the can now. It is done,” Bjorn says.

Says Benny, “It has been 40 years or or 39 or 38 since we last recorded and it was like no time had passed”.

Bjorn said, “There is an old saying in the music business. Never leave more than 40 years between albums”.

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