Cher Defends Meryl Streep After Weinstein Allegations -
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Cher Defends Meryl Streep After Weinstein Allegations

by on December 27, 2017

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Cher has defended Meryl Streep amid claims the Oscar-winning actress knew about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct but said nothing.

Last week, conservative guerrilla artist Sabo put up posters in the Los Angeles area of a smiling Meryl posing for a picture besides Weinstein, covering her eyes with a red bar and the words “She knew”, suggesting that she was aware of the allegations of harassment, assault and rape made against the disgraced producer but chose to keep quiet.

Since then, Sally Field has defended the screen star, and on Tuesday, Cher joined the chorus of those hitting back at the She Knew claims.

“Must Say This No Matter The COST,” Cher wrote on Twitter. “5wks After Cesarian Section (sic), I Saw Meryl Run Towards Young Woman Being VICIOUSLY ATTACKED BY GIGANTIC MAN.He Yelled & Ran At Meryl,But She Wouldn’t STOP.MERYL RISKED HER LIFE 2 SAVE A YOUNG WOMAN,A ‘STRANGER’..MS (Meryl Streep) IS A WOMAN OF HONOR.#SheDidntKnow.”

The tweet on Tuesday wasn’t the first time Cher has defended Meryl.

“For real w/defaming Meryl Streep over Harvey Weinstein? Not Harvey, not Matt Damon or Ben Affleck or Harvey’s brother, business partners, enablers, OR ANY MAN that’s worked w/ him & admitted hearing ‘rumours’. MERYL STREEP. Cuz (sic) it’s always a woman’s fault, right?” she wrote previously.

Forrest Gump star Sally also tweeted, blasting people for blaming a woman for the actions of men.

“We as women CANNOT allow women to take the blame for the misdeeds of these repugnant men,” she wrote. “There were whole systems in place to keep Meryl and others from ever knowing about HW. That was his way of operating. To claim otherwise is ignorant and counter productive… This is a system, I might add, that has been in place for generations. Lets stand up for each other. Not turn on each other.”



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