Don McLean Pleads Guilty To Domestic Violence -
Don McLean, Photo, Ros O'Gorman

Don McLean, Photo By Ros O'Gorman

Don McLean Pleads Guilty To Domestic Violence

by Roger Wink, VVN Music on July 25, 2016

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Don McLean has plead guilty to a number of charges related to his domestic violence incident in January.

McLean appeared in a Maine courtroom on Thursday and accepted a plea deal for misdemeanour counts of domestic violence assault, domestic violence criminal threatening, criminal mischief and criminal restraint. The deal removed a number of other charges that included terrorizing and obstruction.

McLean will pay $3,000 in court costs, is not allowed to have any contact with his ex-wife for the next twelve months and must have a mental health evaluation in the next sixty days. If he complies with the terms, all charges will be dropped.

McLean’s attorney, Walter McKee, says that the singer still is not admitting to what allegedly happened during the incident. “Don has been adamant since day one that he did not do what his now ex-wife said he did but, in the end, he decided it was better to just resolve the case now and be done with it by entering pleas with zero jail, zero probation, and only fines.”

Since January, McLean’s wife has been granted a divorce and has detailed a marriage where she stated there were regular outbursts of anger. McLean’s daughter, Jackie, has also written recently of a childhood where she and her brother were often confined to their home and where their father would grow mad about their growing up.


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