Stephen Tyler And Joan Jett To Make Discover Channel Nature Series -
Steven Tyler, Aerosmith, Stone Music Festival, Noise11, Ros O'Gorman, Photo

Steven Tyler, Aerosmith, Stone Music Festival, Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Stephen Tyler And Joan Jett To Make Discover Channel Nature Series

by Roger Wink, VVN Music on May 25, 2016

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Six music artists, Dave Matthews, Joan Jett, Steven Tyler, Usher, Christina Aguilera and Ellie Goulding will be participating in a new summer series on the Discovery Channel.

Hello World! will feature one of the artists in each episode as they look at the world of nature through their narration and the use of the artists’ music. The series, made in association with the World Wildlife Foundation, is set to air starting on July 9 with two episodes per night over three weeks.

Rich Ross of the Discovery Channel said “It’s a thrill to have six Grammy(R)-winning or -nominated artists working on Hello World! All of these artists bring a powerful love for wildlife and the environment, and we cannot wait to share these films with families across the world.”

The artists added:
“Not many people may know of my strong affinity for animals and nature. Hello World! gave me an opportunity to not only look cool to my boys, but also help introduce a new and modern way of learning about the world and the animals living within it.” – Usher

“I was thrilled when I was asked to come aboard to be part of Hello World! as I had never done voiceover work prior and the experience was amazing! Discovery does such great work in educating people in an entertaining way and I know I will enjoy watching the series with my kids.” – Christina Aguilera

“It is important for us to learn about misunderstood animals and how they affect the ecosystem and support human life.” – Joan Jett
The episodes:

Stronger – It’s a big, tough world out there, where animals face harsh environments and voracious predators. Usher’s new track, Stronger, also the title of the episode, provides the backdrop as the sea turtle and red fox demonstrate how adversity only makes them more resilient.

Crazy Love – Ellie Goulding uncovers the amazing (and hilarious) lengths some animals go to to attract a mate. Her hit, Something in the Way You Move, sets the mood for animals as diverse as polar bears and garter snakes.

Save Me – Just about every animal needs water. Yet each creature’s search for it is unique. With Save Me, Matthews follows the stories of three very different species – rhinos, spadefoot toads, and manatees – as they search for the fresh water on which all life on Earth depends.

Don’t Mess With Mama – A mother’s love is something so fierce that anyone who gets in her way better beware. Aguilera uses Light up the Sky, to showcase the strategies of such strong maternal caregivers as a mountain goat and a cheetah, as each protects her young.

Summer Wild – Tyler’s recently released country song RED, WHITE & YOU, is a perfect backdrop for this episode which shows how several North American critters, prairie dogs, hawks, and wild mustangs, like to spend their summer vacation.

Bad Reputation – Our favorite bad girl, Jett, highlights the stories of many of the creatures we love to hate. Featuring wolves, alligators, and sharks, Bad Reputation, featuring the hit song of the same name, makes the case that for all the fear they put into the world, these guys might just be getting a bad rap. And more than that, they each are really a crucial part of their native ecosystem.


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