The Who Signal Recording Days May Be Over -
The Who. photo by Ros O'Gorman

The Who. photo by Ros O'Gorman

The Who Signal Recording Days May Be Over

by on March 1, 2021

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The Who may not make another album because they won’t make any money from it.

The Who – which now comprises of just Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend – are proud of how well-received 2019’s ‘Who’ was but they made a loss on the record and there was tension between the two of them, so they are reluctant to do it again.

Roger told Uncut magazine: “Will there be another Who album? I don’t know.

“There’s no record market any more. Everybody talks about streaming, but have you seen what artists get from that? It’s a joke.

“It was great to have an album out there, something that the fans liked, and I was really proud of it.

“But far too much money was spent making it. It went out of control completely and ended up costing me money. I can’t go on doing that.”

And Pete admitted the difficulties they had making ‘Who’ has put him off wanting to make another record “a little bit”.

He said: “It was tough. I think it was tough for Roger too. I think he and I have found a sort of common ground over it, but there is still a sense that we only just about got it done.

“There’s a certain amount of resentment on both sides. Partly on Roger’s side, perhaps, resentment that we were paid a lot of money for the album and it was all spent making it.

“On my side, the fact that Roger was so actively diffident at first.

“Now he’s proud of what he did on the record and so he should be because he did such a great job.

“But our process is now just me and him and we’re very different – politically, socially, spiritually, different in every respect. But we happen to be in this band together.”

Despie this, the 75-year-old guitarist admitted he’d still like to make another album.

He added: “I do want to make another one and I probably will. It’s been on my mind a lot.”

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