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What’s With Brandon Flowers and Yogurt?

by Music-News.com on September 1, 2015

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Brandon Flowers wants the world to know he doesn’t “insist” on yoghurt before a show.

The Killers frontman is aware there are many tales of his extensive rider requests doing the rounds. While there are some things he likes to have access to before taking to the stage, some of the rumours irritate him to say the least.

“No, see, you say I insist on yoghurt. That’s how you spin it so people are, like, ‘Look at this dickhead who insists on yoghurt.’ That’s why people don’t’ like people like you. I’m just telling you, I don’t insist on yogurt,” he told Q magazine, who then asked if he ‘requests’ the dairy item instead. “Yes, yoghurt’s on the rider.”

Another food item thought to be a favourite with the American star is a sweet condiment, which again he takes issue with.

“No. That’s how people get labelled with prima donna stereotypes. I don’t give a sh*t about jam,” he said.

Brandon also opened up about how he prepares for shows, explaining seeing others perform can give him some tips. During a recent stint in New York City he went to see some comedians perform, but unfortunately they only managed to show him what not to do.

“As good as you can expect from a free comedy club. The first three guys, they didn’t get a genuine laugh. The last guy, he probably got three laughs out of me. It was a valuable learning experience. I would say that I noticed what separates them from somebody that’s a great comedian, was preparation. So I’ll try to apply that to my performance,” he said.


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