Cold Chisel Play First Show Of One Night Stand 2015 Tour #SETLIST -
Cold Chisel, Jimmy Barnes and Ian Moss - Photo By Ros O'Gorman

Cold Chisel, Jimmy Barnes and Ian Moss - Photo By Ros O'Gorman

Cold Chisel Play First Show Of One Night Stand 2015 Tour #SETLIST

by Paul Cashmere on October 3, 2015

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Cold Chisel reactived for the 2015 The Last Stand tour in Deniliquin at the Deni Ute Muster on Friday night (2 October 2015) and treated fans to the launch of their new album ‘The Perfect Crime’.

‘The Perfect Crime’, Chisel’s eighth studio album, was released this week. The album is like an old pal dropping by reminding you why you connected in the first place. Greatness happens when these guys get together.

‘The Perfect Crime’ is the Chisel album you wanted to hear in 2015. The Deni Ute Muster crowd were the first in the world to hear these new songs live. The true test of any new album is how the songs stand up alongside the classics. ‘The Perfect Crime’ reeks relevance and kicks the arses of a lot of acts half their age.

Cold Chisel setlist, Deniliquin, 2 October, 2015

Standing On The Outside (from East, 1980)
Letter To Alan (from Circus Animals, 1982)
Cheap Wine (from East, 1980)
No Plans (from No Plans, 2012)
HQ454 Monroe (from No Plans, 2012)
My Baby (from East, 1980)
All For You (from No Plans, 2012)
The Mansions (from The Perfect Crime, 2015)
Alone For You (from The Perfect Crime, 2015)
Choir Girl (from East, 1980)
Houndog (from Circus Animals, 1982)
Saturday Night (from Twentieth Century, 1984)
The Toast of Paris (from The Perfect Crime, 2015)
Forever Now (from Circus Animals, 1982)
Rising Sun (from East, 1980)
You Got Nothing I Want (from Circus Animals, 1982)
Merry Go Round (from Breakfast At Sweethearts, 1979)
Flame Trees (from Twentieth Century, 1984)
Khe Sanh (from Cold Chisel, 1978)
Bow River (from Circus Animals, 1982)

When The War Is Over (from Circus Animals, 1982)
All Hell Broke Lucy (from The Perfect Crime, 2015)
The Perfect Crime (from The Perfect Crime, 2015)
Lost (from The Perfect Crime, 2015)

Four Walls (from East, 1980)
Goodbye Astrid (from Breakfast At Sweathearts, 1979)

Cold Chisel will tour The Perfect Crime on ‘The Last Stand tour finishing on December 18 at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.


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