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Judith Durham, Noise11, Ros O'Gorman, Photo

Judith Durham, Photo By Ros O'Gorman

Judith Durham Is On The Road To Recovery

by Paul Cashmere on August 8, 2013

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Judith Durham has updated fans via her Facebook page to tell everyone she is on the road to recovery.

The Seekers legendary lead singer was rushed to hospital after suffering from a cerebral haemorrhage following a Melbourne concert in May.

Judith writes:

“Hello to you all,

“Just a little update from me. First of all, my inexpressible thanks for all your messages. Your care and concern for my wellbeing simply bathe me in a tide of love and I am sure this has helped with my recovery. I can hardly believe that it is almost three months since I was admitted to hospital after our wonderful Melbourne concert, but here I am, feeling good and working so hard to recover my reading and writing skills!

“I have been moved from the big hospital, to a place where my rehabilitation and recovery can proceed. It`s a great sign because I am on the road to going home! I can’t give you any dates because it’s not in my hands, but I can tell you of my great joy in finding that there is a piano here! As you can imagine, I’m on it as much as I can be, relearning my sight-reading.

“One thing I want you all to know is that this whole experience has not been a negative one. Everyone who has taken care of me has been wonderful and I can’t praise them highly enough. It has made me feel quite in awe of our brain and how it works. It is truly a miracle. I am fascinated by the whole process and will never take for granted that it is our brains that allow us to do even the simplest of tasks – every movement comes from complex electricity whizzing round up in our heads. Just awesome!

“Thank you all again – my love and gratitude for your thoughts, prayers and messages”.


The Seekers had begun their 50th anniversary Golden Jubilee tour when Judith fell ill on May 14 and rushed to hospital where the brain bleed was discovered.

All upcoming Seekers shows have been postponed until further notice.



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