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Justin Bieber and Kid Cudi in the studio Jan 2014

Justin Bieber and Kid Cudi in the studio Jan 2014

Justin Bieber Journals Is A Sales Disaster

by Paul Cashmere on January 6, 2014

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Justin Beiber ‘Beliebers’ have become ‘Unbeliebers’. Bieber released his new album ‘Journals’ just two week ago and the fans don’t care.

Justin Bieber ‘Journals’ fell from 35 to 50 in its second week on the ARIA chart. ‘Journals’ sold 1045 copies in week two bringing total sales to a grand total of 5653 copies sold.

Bieber’s unbeliebably bad sales come just weeks of the bratty popstar toured Australia. Bieber was seldom on time. In Melbourne he appeared on stage 70 minutes late prompting criticism for ignorance and disrespect of his teenage audience.

The Justin Bieber run of singles prior to the album release also failed to excite fans. Not one single from ‘Journals’ made the Top 20 ARIA singles chart.

The erratic behaviour of the popstar continued when he returned home only to tweet that he was retiring. A statement followed that from his manager that Bieber was taking a year off. Then over the weekend we heard that Bieber was already back in the studio working on new music.

Bieber spent the weekend recording with Kid Cudi. His most recent tweet said “I love music”.

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